Puzzle 1000 pieces - La estrella

Paula Duró

AR$ 10.500,00 tax incl.

The Star invites us to give our essence to the world and to experience our creative power. Dare to discover its deepest meanings in each detail and to connect with this magnificent representation of one of the most adored arcana of the Tarot.

Artistas Rompecabezas is a meeting between our desire to play and the imagination of our favorite artists. Disconnect from the world and connect with yourself while putting together a beautiful work of art. Each finished puzzle is a work of art to frame and decorate your spaces.


1000 piece puzzle
50x70 cm puzzle (assembled)
Includes container box
Recommended minimum age: 11+

Claims related to missing parts will only be valid within the first 5 days from receiving the order. We recommend counting the pieces in this period in order to resolve the corresponding claim.

30 x 40 cm - 300 pzs.

Artistas Rompecabezas

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