Tropico Coloring Book Especial Edition


AR$ 850,00 tax incl.

*Special Edition with extra large illustrated cover, ideal for coloring and framing.*

72 pages of amazing illustrations, full of details and stories, with a hint of Latin America. The same size as the usual coloring books, but absolutely different inside: it's a graphic adventure to explore with your pencils (or markers, or watercolors: it has 120 gram paper sheets). You'll be amused, relaxed and surprised. We invite you to dream of a vacation on tropical paradises.

The tropic is alive. Inside, it's evident that we are a part of something bigger. Everything coexists, breathes, nourishes from others. The tropic is unpredictable and complex, it's a perfect chaos.
25 x 25 cm

72 pages

120 grs, white