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"Subjective travel map" is a guided journal: a diary to take you on a trip and complete it following your slogans and creative suggestions. Forget "the safety pins" and fill in the maps of each place you visit with your stories, reflections and experiences. The newspaper is divided into 4 parts:

  1. The plan (imaginary map) -> with slogans and triggers so that you leave in writing everything that happens to you before leaving on a trip

  2. The trip (map of explorations) -> to record everything you live, think and feel during your journey

  3. The return (map of emotions) -> to continue documenting once you return to your home

  4. Notes and clippings -> empty space for you to fill it with tickets, papers, notes, drawings or whatever.

 It is designed for anyone who wants to have a written (and / or drawn) record of their trips and who wants to live experiences different from the typical ones proposed by the guides. No need to be a draftsman, or a writer, or a photographer, or an artist, just want to look different and document from the most ordinary to the most extraordinary of a trip.

What is NOT: "Subjective travel map" is not a blank notebook nor a travel planner, that is to say that in your pages you will not find useful information to assemble your trips.

Illustrated by María J. Luque

By Aniko Villalba (author of blog)

Publisher: Lowing

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