Picabia Maria Luque Wall Art 22x30

María Luque

Reduced price! Picabia Maria Luque Wall Art 22x30

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AR$ 490,00 tax incl.

Wall Art illustrated by María Luque from her collection "Una pila de Libros"  (A Stack of Books)

Sometimes the stack of books next to the bed becomes so high that it hits the lamp.
I like to imagine that they are buildings and I think that all the people I know have a similar battery and that together they could be a city.

This collection was conceived during the residence that the artist made in Switzerland at the beginning of 2019, and is part of a larger series called "Una frazada secandose al sol" (A blanket drying in the sun). Record intimate moments of reading: people reading at home, in armchairs, alone, accompanied by their pets or - sometimes - by other people.

The frame is not included.

Chambril paper 220 gr.


María Luque

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