Flores María Luque Wall Art 22x30

María Luque

Reduced price! Lamina María Luque Flores 22x30

AR$ 392,00 tax incl.


AR$ 490,00 tax incl.

Capsule collection: A PILE OF BOOKS by María Luque

Sometimes the stack of books next to the bed becomes so high that it hits the lamp. I like to imagine that they are buildings and I think that all the people I know have a similar battery and that together they could be a city.

This collection was conceived during the residence that the artist made in Switzerland at the beginning of 2019, and is part of a larger series called A blanket drying in the sun. Record intimate moments of reading: people reading at home, in armchairs, alone, accompanied by their pets or - sometimes - by other people.

Chambril paper 220 gr.

The frame is not included.


María Luque

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