La Dura Vida

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With a simple and clear stroke, La Dura Vida comes to be something of a graphic humour lesson in its greatest expression. Andrés Alberto is the master of parody, the crazy, the absurd, the serious humor. We already know the characters in his cartoons: Van Gogh, Kafka, Batman and Robin, the pilot of the Enola Gay, Da Vinci, Pablo Neruda, Superman, mate, rock bandits from the city of Bahía Blanca, Jorge Luis Borges, the Creamfield, the bitch Laika, poetry, Harry Potter, the list goes on, and it’s very long. Popular culture at the service of graphic humour. Praised by Kioskerman, the Uruguayan Troche, Gustavo Sala. "An extremely funny strip book" Liniers


  • Author: Andrés Alberto
  • Galería Editorial
  • Measures: 19x20cm
  • 72 pages