Live the Love Manifest

There is not better guide for action, other than to do what you love. Everytime. Doing what you love is loving what you do. At the bottomline, is doing with love.

Love is an universal language, the only one that can be spoken everywhere, by everyone. When we express ourselves through love, something very much like a highway is created, that connect us. Ideas travel easily, and actually, they arrive. Love is something we always want to hear.

So, it doesn't matter what you say, what is really important is: are you saying it with love?

In love, we are all free. Since we were little we were told to guide our life thinking about the future —a future that really doesn't exist yet— learning from a past, that doesn't longer exist. Nobody teach us about the Power of Present Time. Now. When everything is alive. Things, sounds, air, bodies, colors, aromas... everything surrounding us is an explotion of life coming to our senses, inviting us to an exchange. We only have to listen... and to speak the universal language of love. What happens then, is incredibly powerful. Creation.

To create is not a divine right. To create is a birth right. The right to be born, and to reborn, time after time, now after now.
Rigth to invent.
And to re-invent.
To change the colors.
To sing out loud.
To take your paintbruss.
To toy with words.
To chase White Whales.

The right to cherish with your all body.
To embrace with all your soul.
To grab everybody by the hand.
To dance.
The right to fly.
To defy our own time.
To protect beauty.
And to unite, in a profound love, with Nature.

It is the Power of Imagination, claiming its sovereignty upon us.

We believe in the Power of Imagination. Because where is love, is freedom. And where is love and freedmon, there is creation.

Live the love!