Pack - Celebración Happimess

Vik Arrieta

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Everything you need to make that unforgettable gift come true! add your two hands, inspiration and imagination and feel #LibreParaCrear with this combo that includes:

3 Decorative Paper 50x70 Green Jungle

3 Decorative Paper 50x70 Big Rainbow

3 Happimess Quilombo Wrapping Paper

3 Happimess Universe Wrapping Paper

3 Decorative Paper 50x70cm Happimess Confetti

1 Washi Tape Happimess Rainbow

1 Washi Tape Happimess Constellations

1 Washi Tape Happimess Be the joy

3 Happimess Postcard Happy Birthday Big Rainbow

3 Happimess Postcard Thank You - Salmon

3 Happimess Patti Smith Postcard 10 x 15 cm

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