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"As I live traveling, each of my days began to be different from the previous one ..."

On January 28, 2008, aged twenty-two, Aniko took a bus from Buenos Aires to Bolivia and started her life as a traveler. Since that day, she toured more than thirty countries on four continents, with a backpack and alone, working as a freelance writer and photographer on the road. When traveling, his calendar stopped being marked by numbers and months and became punctuated by stories.

Aniko tells about the day that five Chinese women of an ethnic minority invited her to tea, the day she sailed through the Caribbean in the middle of a thunderstorm, the day she lived the most bizarre police fact of her life, the day she started to collect abandoned cards, the day he saw the northern lights, the day he left the road trip with a group of Filipino priests, the day he suffered post-trip depression, the day he fell in love with a city, the day he met the Sahara in the company of nomads, the day she discovered that traveling was not the same as going on vacation, the day she understood that she had become a digital nomad ...

The author shares fragments of her travel notebooks and relates, in an intimate and personal way, her journeys through Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

"The stories of this book I spent traveling around, and now, seen from Argentina, I find them fantastic, absurd, dreamlike."

Illustrated by María J. Luque

By Aniko Villalba (author of )

Publisher: Lowing

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