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"Somewhere I read that writing a book is like driving a dark road. You can only see a few meters but they are enough to keep going and reach the destination. I started "The Paris Syndrome" without knowing what it would be called, for more than a year it had no name until I realized it. I started it with an idea and a structure and it ended up being something else, it’s a book that mutated while I was writing it, just like me. In that process it was very important to have an editor like José, who besides correcting and orienting me was a psychologist and motivational coach. There are writers who have an internal censor, I have a mini José who speaks to me when he is not: "Aniko, not that, change that beginning, that sentence is very good, expand that image, extend that moment, I don’t allow you to publish that, If you put that word, you take my name out of the book, and so on. It’s something that happens to many authors who work with José, we already had a meeting without him and we checked it out. It was also very important to have an illustrator and friend like Vero who understood the visual aesthetics she was looking for for this book."

By Aniko Villalba (author of the blog

Publisher: Lowing

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