Puzzle 300 pieces -Today at the museum

María Luque

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Come celebrate great artists in history, in the beloved permanent collection that María Luque imagined for our ideal museum. Picasso, Matisse, Rothko, who else can you discover among the pictures? Everyone’s invited, it’s free admission day!

Artistas Rompecabezas is a meeting between our desire to play and the imagination of our favorite artists. Disconnect from the world and connect with yourself while putting together a beautiful work of art. Each finished puzzle is a work of art to frame and decorate your spaces.


300 piece puzzle
30x40 cm puzzle (assembled)
Includes container box
Recommended minimum age: 8+


We designed the production process of our puzzles so that it is (practically) impossible for you to find a missing piece.

Here are some tips to avoid mishap:

- Open the container bag carefully on a clear table, out of the reach of children and pets. The parts are very small and can be easily misplaced.

- Check the entire content of the box to dismiss product failures. Remember that you have 5 days to claim a fault (in which case we will replace the entire puzzle, so keep all the pieces together).

- Assemble the puzzle on a surface that allows you to move it (example: puzzle holder, cardboard, mat, etc).

- Before putting the pieces back in the box, keep them in a clean bag that you can close properly.

- Always make sure there are no missing pieces, check under the table!

30 x 40 cm - 300 pzs.

Artistas Rompecabezas

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