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Modern Witch is a practical guide to learn to manifest your desires through sacred magic. A perfect introduction to the magical world: from crystals to tarot, through gods, saints and of course, rituals. Work with your divine nature and awaken your super powers: intuition, creativity, strength.

Dare to experiment with the universal energy and to travel a path of self-knowledge that you will know where it begins ... but never where it ends.

· Understand the influence of the stars and the lunar cycles.
· Discover how to use alchemics, crystals and herbs.
· Open your perception through a self-reading of tarot.
· Learn to build your altar and mantras to invoke the divine energy.
· Includes 15 rituals and practices to channel your transforming energy.
· Bonus: companions of the modern witch and esoteric tourism.
· Know the essential foundations to live magically ... every day!

In a deluxe edition that is a real treasure: hard cover with a bas-relief and details in gold stamping, and bookmark. Beautifully illustrated by Jazmín Varela.

18 x 24 cm

192 full color pages

Sewn. Hard cover, laminated.

120 Grs, FSC Certicado

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