Bitácora de una Bruja Moderna

Dalia F. Walker

AR$ 16.900 tax incl.

Dalia F. Walker -author of Modern Witch and leader of the coolest Latin American witch tribe- has created this practical workbook to join you in the search for a deeper, more personal experience with what you’ve learned with her magical manual.Featuring several activities, reflective tasks and check-in charts that go from ritual-registry, energetic cleansing and special events, this logbook invites you to analyze your daily experience through the path of self-knowledge and perceive the synchrony between your energetic work and your life.Features:
  • 25 tasks to reflect and deepen your energetic works
  • Meditation for creative writing
  • Rituals recipe log-ins
  • Energetic cleansing, ally elements and special events registry
  • Esoteric tourism
  • Illustrated quotes
And plenty of space for writing, creating and drawing.
- Hot Stamping in cover
- Ribbon maker
- Round corners.

14 x 21

176 pages. Printed in two colors

90 gram

Bruja Mderna

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