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"Expresión Revolución" offers you a deep journey of personal exploration that will challenge you to face your creative mandates and leave your comfort zones, will expand the limits of your artistic practice, and will provide you with a path towards your most creative and authentic voice.

Although the literature on how to overcome the "creative block" abounds, there are very few tools that really get to the heart of what limits us. Shumi Gauto (director, playwright, and creator of the original method of acting training The Own Expression), finds a new and revealing way to give us back the ability to enjoy and create without limits.

A guide for artists, creators, and anyone who wants to awaken their sensitivity and reconnect with the pleasure of creating.

There is no right or wrong. There is surrender or resistance.
How deep do you dare to go? 

This journey includes:

  • 22 exercises to draw, record yourself on video, write, dance, meditate, sing and experiment with collage.
  • 13 conversations with artists, creatives and thinkers to broaden your perspective and immerse yourself in multiple creative universes.

    For all the people who enjoyed classics such as The Artist Journey or Big Magic it will become a new treasure in their libraries, a book that goes deeper —from a current point of view— into the search for self-expression.

  • Praise for Expresión Revolución:

"Shumi enables uncertainty and gives the body permission to do what it wants to do: rest for a while from the mind and be a vehicle for enjoyment; surrender to surprise and dive into wonderfully strange and unknown places."
Carolina Kopelioff, actress.

"In a system that reinforces prejudices and insists on formatting our desires, the revolution is to find and express our own voice. Shumi, generous and playful, designed a compelling and infallible method."
Erika Halvorsen, writer and screenwriter.

"This methodology is what part of modern science tries to explain: how to find an emotional and physical balance by exploiting our creativity through a multidisciplinary practice."
Estanislao Bachrach, writer and neuroscientist.

"A work with just the right pace to pause and reflect."
Kevin Johansen, singer and composer.

168 pages
5.90 x 8.26 inches
90 gr paper

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