Wallpaper THE SUN Desert Sun - 106 x 270 cm

Vik Arrieta

AR$ 12.075,00 tax incl.

Make your home a unique place!
Wallpapers for your walls with all the art and inspiration of Happimess.

This mural is made up of 3 combinable cloths, you can choose the ones you want to create the mural that you like the most. Check in the 2nd photo the order of the cloths and their numbering. You can also combine them with the cloths of this mural.


The cloths are made to order, and have a delay of 30 business days to leave our warehouse (to this, add shipping time when applicable).

To calculate the amount of material you need, you have to take the width x the height of the wall without discounting doors or windows. (All the cloths are 1.06 m wide and you can choose two lengths: 2.7 m high or 3.5 m high, depending on the height of your ceiling).

Colors may vary from how they appear on your monitor. We have color samples in our stores, do not hesitate to get closer to corroborate colors and materiality.


We recommend that the placement be done by a professional. Adheres with wall glue, to smooth surfaces, without imperfections, dust or humidity. You do not need base paper for its application.

Before placing them, present the cloths fully extended to rule out any flaws, stains, or errors that may appear in them. Once placed, Monoblock will not be able to take care of possible errors in them.

The panels are numbered: it is important to check the order and composition of the mural before proceeding with gluing. They can be glued bottom up or top down.

The price indicated is per cloth. Do not forget to select the chosen cloths.

Paño de 106 x 270 cm

Papel con cubierta vinílica, textura engomada. Lavable.