Cuaderno Anillado A5 Liso Patagonia pop


AR$ 17.500 tax incl.

Our classic ringed hardcover notebooks, now with an extra twist: the sheets can be removed and replaced very easily, without damaging the paper. This new functionality gives you the freedom to adapt your notebook to your needs and your ever-evolving creativity.

Some ideas: share your creations; do a brainstorming session by passing a sheet of paper and then putting all the ideas together in the same notebook; organize your notebook by themes: create covers and move the sheets to order them as many times as you want; move your sketchbook pages to a "portfolio" notebook when you complete a project; If you made a to-do list, you can remove it from the notebook to keep track and return it when you're done; Use a notebook as a starting point, and when you want to start a new project, simply take the relevant sheets and transfer them to the new one.

This notebook is for those who are always dreaming of returning to the mountains, hugging pine trees, sailing the calm waters of a lake, skiing snow-capped peaks and hiding in a cabin to drink hot chocolate in our beautiful Patagonia.

15 x 21cm

80 paper plain

Obra 90 gr


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