Cuaderno Anillado A5 Rayado Malbecking

Agus Basile

AR$ 17.500 tax incl.

Our classic ringed hardcover notebooks, now with an extra twist: the sheets can be removed and replaced very easily, without damaging the paper. This new functionality gives you the freedom to adapt your notebook to your needs and your ever-evolving creativity.

Some ideas: share your creations; do a brainstorming session by passing a sheet of paper and then putting all the ideas together in the same notebook; organize your notebook by themes: create covers and move the sheets to order them as many times as you want; move your sketchbook pages to a "portfolio" notebook when you complete a project; If you made a to-do list, you can remove it from the notebook to keep track and return it when you're done; Use a notebook as a starting point, and when you want to start a new project, simply take the relevant sheets and transfer them to the new one.

Did you like this cover? Malbecking is making the Argentine passion for Malbec a verb. It is inspired by the encounters that are born from wine.

15 x 21cm

80 ruled

Obra 90 gr

Agus Basile

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