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An original cooking book by Sofi Pachano

A journey never seen before in A COOKBOOK

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What delicious secrets are hidden in those little pieces of paper forgotten in the drawers of so many kitchens?

Sofía Pachano solves this mystery in an emotional journalistic rescue that begins at her grandmother's house and continues in the intimacy of 17 family kitchens.

The result is an invitation to rediscover the mixtures that give flavor to our family histories, and to cook and share new traditions.

Learn how to cook typical dishes from Arabic, Armenian, British, Chinese, Korean, Argentine, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Paraguayan, Peruvian and Venezuelan cuisines.

Extra! 11 renowned chefs and gastronomic entrepreneurs reveal their own family recipes: Daniela Butvilofsky, Karina Gao, Cynthia Helueni, Christophe Krywonis, Leo Lanussol, Maximiliano Matsumoto, Augusto Mayer, Micaela Najmanovich, Roberto Ottini, Marcela Rienzo and Akira Takeuchi.

Documentary photography by Sopa Studio.

All recipes were tested by gastronomy professionals, to ensure that the flavors of a lifetime arrive fresh to your table.

19 x 24 cm

256 pages.

120g. FSC Certified.

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