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If you order more delivery than your budget allows, you cannot escape the ultra-processed food, it exhausts you to answer all the time the question of "what do we eat?" or you don't know how to make the most of that bag of vegetables, it's time to redesign the relationship you have with your kitchen and the author Vik Arrieta has the solution!

This book will accompany you on the adventure of claiming your food freedom and will help you identify the foods, rhythms and techniques that work best for you. Whether you don't eat plants or have a plant-based diet, the invitation is to discover your own recipes.

Learn how to:

  • -buy, freeze, store and take advantage of each type of food so you never have to throw anything away;
  • -project menus, plan recurring purchases and my secret to save time, money and always have food ready;
  • -organize all your resources in the kitchen: from the knives to the refrigerator in a simple way to consult whenever you need it.

Also includes:

-space to write down your own recipes (or your favorites),
-conversion tables to interpret any internet recipe,
-annual organizer of weekly menus for each season,
-a list of suppliers, and
-lots of ideas to surprise and motivate your inner chef.

Immerse yourself in the creative laboratory that is your kitchen and unlock a new level of pleasure in cooking and eating at home.

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17,5 x 23,5 cm

176 páginas

Obra de 120 gramos

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